Start Your Own Business

Looking for a business to start on the side?  We can help you get started and are here to help, so never hesitate to get in touch!

Here’s just a few ways to start selling candles:

  • Start your own website!
    • Check out Shopify for a great and easy way to set up your own website.
    • Then start slow and just buy 1 or 2 of our jars, and use no more than 10 fragrances of each.  We will ship them to you to fulfill on your own (we suggest USPS as they supply free boxes and its easy to ship from right inside Shopify!)
  • Through friends and family
    • Give your self time to ramp up, but over time with word of mouth you can start to generate a solid extra income!
  • Consignment shops
    • Look around in your area for consignment shops and sell your candles through them.  Often they will take some percentage of your sales, but it eliminates the need for you to actually rent and run your own store
  • Local fairs and flea markets
    • You would be surprised how many people will buy your candles from local fairs and flea markets.  Many of these markets can cost as little as $30 for a table, so you only need to sell 4-5 candles to break even (and we have sold upwards of 30 at one show alone!)